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Martín Poblete
Martín Poblete is a harmonica player, songwriter, session musician and bandleader born in Temuco, Chile.

For the last decade he’s been recognized as one of the finest Chilean harmonica players of his generation, being featured in more than 20 albums and performing in countless stages both inside his country and overseas.

Poblete begun his career as a blues and rock musician in 2011, taught by harmonica player Gonzalo Araya. Since then, his musical instruction has been guided by masters such as Mariano Cabrera (Argentina), Cristian Inostroza (Chile), Paul Linden (USA) and Joel Andersson (Sweden).

In 2015 he debuted with his solo project Martín Poblete & Los Retrosónicos, in which he cultivates different genres of “old music”, such as blues, swing and folk music, always with the harmonica as the focal point.

Martín, along with Los Retrosónicos, has released four EP’s: “Veneno” (2017), “Sol, arena y navidad” (2017), “Los Covers Muertos” (2018) and “Claustro” (2021).

As a session musician he has worked with local bands and artists like Catoni, Pepe Derby and La Doctrina, and also with international acts like the American rock band GSlide and Danish dream pop band Blackie Blue Bird.

Besides that, Martín has being an active member of the Mapuche folk band Colelo Identidad Mapuche since 2013, recording the albums “Sentir Vivir” (2015), “Canto de la Tierra” (2017) “Alegre Rebeldía” (2020) and “We Rüpü” (2021), being the only harmonica player performing first nation’s music within Chilean territory.

In 2019 he was granted with a scholarship to travel to Sweden and study Irish folk with harmonica master Joel Andersson. After finishing his studies he toured and performed around Germany, England and Ireland.

As a composer he has written music for several films, most notably “Si cae uno, vendrá otro” (2020), “Resonará tu grito” (2020) and animated short film “La corteza de mi abuela”(2017). In 2014 he was awarded with the first place of the national harmonica competiton Seydel Open Chile. Later, in 2018, he got the second place.

Since 2020 he publishes educational material on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram under the label “Cápsulas de armónica con @martinarmonica”, with many of his videos becoming viral on Instagram.